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Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) is a novel method of chiropractic care necessitating postgraduate study into this comprehensive mode of assessment and treatment.  SOT treatment of brain trauma focuses on the kinematic chain (how the whole body functions as a unit) as well as treatment of the cranial bones, related meningeal tissue that support the brain within the skull, and cerebrospinal fluid flow around the brain and spinal cord.

SOT care involves slow, gentle, specific assessments and treatment for the imbalances commonly found with brain trauma patients.  Sometimes with head trauma the jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is affected and aside from various types of pain syndromes this may cause another factor as it affects our airway and oxygenation.  Having optimal oxygenation is necessary for patients suffering from head trauma and most SOT practitioners have a particular expertise in treatment of TMJ disorders and co-treatment with dentists, when necessary.

Since SOT care looks at the whole body in addition to postural and neurological imbalance associated with head trauma or post-concussion syndromes, this group of chiropractors also has training in treatment of visceral dysfunction and dysautonomia type presentations. Dysfunction or imbalanced functioning of our autonomic nervous system can lead to an increased stress response, which can limit a patient’s recovery from brain trauma.  Many SOT doctors are familiar with nutritional aspects needed to aid a patient’s ability to cope and recover from brain trauma.

So with SOT Care the chiropractor will assess and treat postural, neurological, and dysautonomia through manual therapies to the body, spine, extremities, and cranial bones.  Rehabilitative exercises are an important aspect of this care to facilitate recovery and return to function.  Since chiropractors are primary care doctors we have the ability to refer and co-treat with the myriad of practitioners often needed to treat patients with a complex presentation, such as experts in the field of neurology, psychology, neuro-rehabilitation, and others.

SOT treatment of head and brain trauma has been shared at many multidisciplinary research conferences, such as the World Congress on Brain Injury, North American Brain Injury Society’s Conferences on Brain Injury, Euro Brain Injury Conference, and others.

Contributed by: Charles Blum, DC, CSCP



Charles L. Blum, DC


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