Membership Benefits

For many years the prevailing treatment protocol for concussion has been rest and return. The CDC, Mayo Clinic, Cleavland Clinic and many other healthcare authorities abide by this approach. There is just one problem: they are wrong.

Despite research advances in many fields, rest and return is still being taught to healthcare professionals, coaches, parents and patients. This antiquated method harms multitudes of patients who may recovered had they seen you.

The primary mission of Concussion Professionals is to shift the paradigm one community at a time. This is also the primary membership benefit. To do that you and your nearby colleagues must be recognized as the local concussion treatment authority. Joining Concussion Professionals makes that happen.

Being part of CP allows providers: 

  • To be found through multiple channels including the CP directory, your CP enhanced website, and social media, with referrals additionally coming from fellow local and national CP members.
  • To establish you as a thought leader.
  • To connect and learn from concussion providers in other disciplines.
  • To take part in collaborative, comprehensive treatment plans through mutual referrals.
  • To change the way your community understands concussion

There is great joy and meaning for practitioners who treat many conditions and this is reflected in your web site. However, patients, search engines and referring professionals look for narrowly focused expertise. The specialized knowledge and skills you possess to help the head injured are being diluted in your own marketing.  Even clinics that focus solely on concussion recovery are overshadowed by the antiquated rest and return paradigm of the medical establishment.

The Concussion Professionals Association breaks through these barriers to visibility and credibility. With our inch wide, mile deep focus on concussion treatment, we bring your professional profile and clinic website with us as we climb in search engine ratings.

Here’s how we can do it together:

  • Local co-treatment network buildout
  • Structured referral driven association meetings
  • Google ads in new locations until organic first page listing is attained.
  • Search engine optimization for your profile
  • Exclusive niche directory placement
  • Access to our blog article library
  • Our back links matrix
  • The financial obstacle eliminator
  • The Set and Forget dynamic resource page for you site.
  • ROI tracking
  • Our association logo on your site

Membership is limited to one professional per category per geographic area based on population and practitioner availability. Virtual practices can be associated with their area of choice. Due to the time involved in building a local network, we begin the vetting process for applicants in one new location every two weeks.

We are currently building in the greater Boston area and Worcester County and accepting applicants nationally.

We are looking for professionals committed to serving the concussion community. Due to the proprietary nature and time required for the done-with-you set up and support, registration fees are non-refundable. You may cancel membership anytime, but once cancelled you may not rejoin.

We look forward to welcoming you into the association. Together we can change the concussion treatment paradigm and change the lives of concussion patients who are desperately seeking care.