All Chiropractic Neurologist

A Chiropractic neurologist uses functional neurology which looks at how the nervous system and other systems of the body and impact each other. Clinical neuroscientific testing and chiropractic evaluation are used to determine weakened areas of the entire nervous system. Optimal neurological processes are improved or re-establish using chiropractic adjusting and visual, physical, neurological stimulation.


The treatments activate neuroplasticity, the brains ability to strengthen or form new pathways. Methods may include chiropractic adjustments, movement, stimulation of the vestibular (balance), auditory, visual or mental exercises. Often the patient will have homework, to continue this process.


The chiropractic neurologist is an expert in brain-based therapy modalities, that is, therapies directed by an understanding of the brain’s role in joint and muscle dysfunction Depending on what they find through testing, the chiropractic neurologist may work directly on the brain or through joints, muscles, skin and the sensory organs to make changes.