All Multi-disciplinary Clinic

Concussion clinics are often multi-disciplinary clinics offering a protocol which may blend various methods depending on the needs of the patient. You may find some or all of the different types of professionals found on this site or just one type of professional with a focus exclusively on concussion. Each concussion clinic has their own philosophy and approach. This will depend greatly on the specialty of the clinics founder and training. It is important to take a close look at the therapies offered and consult with the clinic before embarking on a course of care. Many hospitals have specialized concussion treatment and rehab clinics or departments headed by a Neurologist, Physical Therapist specializing in Vestibulal Rehabilitation or Exertional Therapy or an Occupational Therapist. All Concussion Clinics should be able to do a thorough assessment of your own neurological and overall health as it relates to your injuries and other conditions you may have had before or have as a result of brain trauma. Personalizing care to include or exclude methods they offer and referring to professionals in areas they do not have is the hallmark of an excellent Concussion Clinic.