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Cranial osteopathic treatment is one of the most effective and powerful modalities for healing traumatic brain injury. We understand that concussion is not a temporary functional glitch in the brain, but a whole body, systemic injury that affects the brain and every major system in the body. We know that fluid flow and drainage, structural integrity, nutritional support and nervous system balance are absolutely critical to healing a brain injury. Without them, the brain will eventually perish in an inflammatory fire as it is consumed by its own trash. Cranial osteopathic medicine has been addressing these issues for over 100 years.

  • Osteopaths are trained to calm the “fight-or-flight” autonomic nervous system, which frequently becomes disordered after TBI, causing everything from depression, balance problems and headaches in the short term to neurodegeneration and neurological diseases in the long term.
  • Cranial osteopaths who are trained in the treatment of concussion can restore the brain to its proper position in the skull, using their highly trained touch as a diagnostic tool and then using the brain’s membranes as guywires to correct the distortions that propel inflammatory fires and tissue degeneration.
  • Cranial osteopaths understand the critical importance of the cardiovascular system in feeding the brain and cleansing it of the debris of injury. By working with the brain’s unique cleansing system, osteopaths can reduce intracranial pressure and help the brain rid itself of the toxins that have been implicated in post-concussion syndrome, chronic neuroinflammation, mood disorders, and neurological diseases.

Contributed by Dr. Maud Nerman, DO, Novato, CA