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Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

Neuro-Optometric rehabilitation is a branch of Optometry for concussion and other neurological issues that works with total visual function.  Optometrists that work in this area have advanced training and use techniques that allow the patient to recover function to their highest potential.  Most eye doctors only consider pathologies or diseases and the ability to see 20/20.  Optometrists that provide neuro-visual re/habilitation treat more than this.  Neuro-Optometric physicians are often part of the rehab therapy team treating vision with the balance system.  They can also provide relief from visual snow, glare, double vision, tracking problems when reading, headaches, eye and mental fatigue and other sensory systems that integrate with vision.  Treatment may involve lenses, prisms, sectoral patching therapies, re/habilitation therapies, specific wavelengths of light, genetics, and/or other treatments.

Neuro-Optometric rehabilitation is really the study of how the brain processes sensory and motor information and how that information is integrated in the brain.  A normally developed person has a coordinated system of function.  A person that has had a brain injury may lose complete or partial function(s).  They may have one or multiple sensory/motor systems that don’t send correct information.  Neuro-Optometric rehabilitation looks at how the sensory and motor systems are integrated and uses treatment  that allow the patient to improve functional recovery.  It involves looking at the vestibular system, cervical spinal system, touch system, proprioceptive system, and how vision integrates with all of the above.

Contributed by:

Dr. Jason Clopton, O.D., F.C.O.V.D., Dipl. A.B.O., AIB